Flowering Tea

I love a warm cup of tea in the morning. One of my favorites is chamomile tea with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Not long ago I discovered flowering teas. They are visually stunning in my opinion. They are wonderful gifts for yourself of for someone you know that loves tea. Here are a few beautiful ones I think you may want to try. Some are flowering teas and others are just lose leaf teas that still have a beautiful appeal to them.


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Tea Bloom

If you are looking for a great gift check out Tea Bloom. Their teas are stunning and make beautiful gifts. They also offer a wide range of other tea products.Check them out here


STASH  artisan flowering teas

Stash tea also offer flowering teas. They do not have a selection as large as tea bloom but they have an awesome assortment  lose leaf  teas that you may want to check out as well.

Rosebud Black TeaRuby Hibiscus Herbal TeaPremium Pomegranate Black Tea

Rosebud black tea            Ruby hibiscus herbal tea      Pomegranate black tea


How to Brew Flowering Tea

So that you can capture the full beauty and wonder of your tea i recommend using a glass tea pot. (Check to make sure you have a glass teapot that is made for hot liquids you don’t want it to break) Glass tea pots can rang from $15 to $70 the higher in price the more options many of them come with.

Tealife - Glass Teapot - Heat Resistant Borosilicate - Pitcher – Kettle – No Dripping – BPA free - Great For Tea Juice Water – Hot and Iced - $14.99

Teabloom Amore Glass Teapot Gift Set – Borosilicate Glass Teapot with Infuser – 4-6 Cups (34 oz) – Two Blooming Tea Flowers Included $25.99

Your water should be between 170-180F°. Let steep  for about 2-3 minutes. It should take about 3-4 min for the flower to fully open for you.











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